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Purchase stylish reminders and keepsakes of your time at The Piston Club with our motorsport related merchandise.


The Piston Club merchandise offers a variety of products that allow you to proudly showcase your affiliation with The Piston Club and celebrate your passion for motorsports and classic cars. 

Here are some examples of merchandise you can find:

T-Shirts and Apparel

Show off your love for The Piston Club with stylish and comfortable t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, and hats. These items are often adorned with The Piston Club logo, iconic car designs, or witty automotive-themed slogans, allowing you to display your enthusiasm wherever you go.


Enhance your automotive style with a range of accessories. This may include keychains featuring miniature car replicas, enamel pins, patches, lanyards, and wristbands, all bearing The Piston Club logo or related automotive motifs.


Enjoy your favourite beverages in style with The Piston Club branded drinkware. This could include coffee mugs, travel tumblers, water bottles, and pint glasses featuring the club’s logo or vintage car illustrations.


For avid collectors, The Piston Club merchandise may offer limited-edition collectible items such as die-cast car models, scale replicas of The Piston Club signage, or specially crafted memorabilia showcasing the club’s history or notable events.

Automotive Accessories

Showcasing your automotive passion extends beyond clothing and accessories. Look for items such as car decals, license plate frames, air fresheners, and car care kits branded with The Piston Club logo, allowing you to personalize your vehicle while proudly displaying your association with the club.

Connect with fellow automotive enthusiasts, showcase your passion, and express your support for The Piston Club.

Home Decor

Bring The Piston Club’s ambiance into your living space with automotive-themed home decor items. This could include throw pillows, wall art featuring classic car prints, vintage-style metal signs, or even decorative items inspired by the motorsport world.

Automotive Art

This could be pieces commissioned in paint, or even pieces made from pieces of cars and bikes!

The availability of specific merchandise items may vary, and The Piston Club may periodically release new products to keep the offerings fresh and exciting for its patrons. By proudly wearing or displaying The Piston Club merchandise, you can connect with fellow automotive enthusiasts, showcase your passion, and express your support for the club’s values and commitment to the automotive community.