Immerse yourself in our extensive collection of automotive memorabilia – from scale models and race suits through to vintage tools and classic car badges.


Automotive memorabilia refers to collectible items that are associated with automobiles, motorsports, and automotive culture. These items hold historical, sentimental, or aesthetic value and are often sought after by enthusiasts and collectors. 

Here are some examples of automotive memorabilia and what you will find here at The Piston Club.

Classic Car Models

Scale models of classic cars, race cars, and iconic vehicles are popular among automotive enthusiasts. These models range from intricate die-cast replicas to detailed plastic kits that allow collectors to assemble and customize their own miniature versions of famous automobiles.

Vintage Car Advertisements

Vintage advertisements featuring classic cars are highly sought after. These can include print ads, posters, and promotional materials from different eras, showcasing the aesthetics, performance, and features of automobiles from the past.

Racing Memorabilia

Motorsport enthusiasts often collect memorabilia related to racing events. This can include autographed driver helmets, race suits, car parts, race programs, event posters, and even race-worn memorabilia like gloves or shoes.

Automotive Signage and Garage Decor

Vintage automotive tin signs, garage plaques, and neon signs that feature iconic automotive logos and branding are popular for decorating garages, man caves, and automotive-themed spaces.

Vintage Automotive Tools

Collecting vintage automotive tools and equipment, such as old-fashioned wrenches, vintage toolboxes, and specialty tools, can be a fascinating aspect of automotive memorabilia. These items not only hold historical value but can also be functional for enthusiasts who restore and work on classic cars.

Vintage Car Badges and Emblems

Collecting vintage car badges and emblems from different automotive brands and models is another area of interest. These metal badges often bear the logos and distinctive designs of classic cars, and they can be displayed as standalone pieces or incorporated into automotive-themed artwork.

Appreciate the beauty and nostalgia of automotive history.

Race Track Memorabilia

Some enthusiasts collect memorabilia associated with specific race tracks, such as pieces of asphalt or curbing, tickets, event programs, track maps, or even signage and banners.

Photography and Autographs

Stunning Prints, Drawings and Paintings by artists old and new, many signed by artist and drivers. We have some stunning original pieces.

These examples represent just a fraction of the diverse range of automotive memorabilia available. Collecting and displaying these items allows enthusiasts to celebrate the rich history, design, and cultural significance of automobiles and motorsports. Whether you have a personal connection to a specific car or brand or simply appreciate the beauty and nostalgia of automotive history, automotive memorabilia offers a tangible way to showcase your passion and enhance your automotive-themed spaces.