Unforgettable moments, fuelled by passion at The Piston Club.


At The Piston Club, we believe in creating memorable experiences for our patrons beyond just great food and drinks. We host a variety of exciting events that cater to the automotive community and offer opportunities for socialising, entertainment, and celebration. 

Here are some of the type of events you can expect to find at The Piston Club:

Classic Car Shows/Meets

Showcasing the beauty and elegance of classic cars, our car shows bring together automobile enthusiasts and collectors. Admire meticulously restored vintage vehicles, engage in conversations with fellow car lovers, and revel in the nostalgia of automotive history.

Auto Jumble

Buy and/or Sell automotive memorabilia and parts, take a stall to sell your automotive produce or simply visit to take a look or buy what’s on offer.

Race Screenings

Join us for live screenings of thrilling motorsport races, including Formula 1, BTCC, NASCAR, Le Mans, and more. Experience the high-speed action on our big screens while enjoying the lively atmosphere and cheering for your favourite teams and drivers.

Automotive Speaker Series

We invite renowned automotive experts, historians, and personalities to share their insights, stories, and experiences with our guests. Learn about the fascinating world of automobiles, hear behind-the-scenes tales, and engage in thought-provoking discussions.

Themed Food/Parties

Get ready to rev up the fun with our themed food events that celebrate various aspects of automotive culture or to coincide with various motorsport events around the world. From retro 80s-inspired nights to elegant black-tie affairs, our food and race parties offer a chance to dress up, enjoy live music or DJ performances, and dance the night away.

Charity Drives

We collaborate with charitable organisations to host fundraising drives and events that support automotive-related causes or give back to the community. Join us in making a positive impact while enjoying a memorable evening of philanthropy and camaraderie.

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Quiz Nights

Test your knowledge of automotive history, racing trivia, and iconic cars at our entertaining quiz nights. Compete with friends and fellow enthusiasts for prizes while showcasing your passion and expertise.

Live Music / Festival

We host live music performances by talented artists and bands that create an energetic and vibrant ambiance. From classic rock and blues to contemporary hits, enjoy the sounds of talented musicians while savouring delicious food and drinks. The artists we pick are very likely to have motorsport connections or a passion for vehicles.

Please note that event schedules may vary, and it’s advisable to check our website diary or contact The Piston Club for the latest information and upcoming events. We continually strive to provide an engaging and dynamic calendar of events that cater to the diverse interests of our automotive-loving community. Join us at The Piston Club and immerse yourself in the excitement of motorsports, classic cars, and a vibrant social scene.